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WordPress is the most popular website platform online, it’s used for Blogs, that’s were it started life, standard websites, as a CMS, as an e-commerce platform etc. The chances are many of the sites you visit throughout the day are running on WordPress. It’s clean, quick and supremely flexible, probably the most flexible platform available.

It’s superiority lies in it’s user support both for the platform itself and the myriad of plugins that are available to customise it’s functionality. As the core of the system is open source it updates with new features, tweaks and bug fixes at a rate that no commercial company developing a similar platform could ever match. It also comes with an online administration area that is as simple or as complicated as you want it to be allowing users to add, edit or delete content easily.

WordPress first appeared in 2003 but it didn’t really get picked up and start to become popular until 2005. We’ve worked with it since we saw the rise in popularity and experienced the ease of use and flexibility for ourselves.

We’ve developed countless sites on the platform, in a broad range of markets, from creating a unique website design and transferring it to the WordPress theme system in pixel perfect form to tweaking existing themes, both free and commercial, to a clients exact requirements. We’ve also developed our own plugins to add specialised functionality where necessary.

After 10 years of experience with the platform we know WordPress inside out and it’s our number one recommendation for most website projects and our clients love it. Get in touch below now to dicuss your website options using WordPress.

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