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AdvanceYour.com is a loose International conglomerate of web professionals lead by Manchester based Darren Yates. Darren has been working online since 1999 when he started his web design company ditto design, launching the company with a site he developed completely in Flash, that presented a full audio visual experience.

The ditto design website was then reworked in html, search engine optimised and hit No.1 for a search for ‘web designer manchester’ and numerous variations of that phrase, for a number of years, until he took the site down in 2004.

A decision was made to remain hands on with web design, development, SEO and Digital Marketing rather than to expand the company in to a large business with offices and multiple employees. Darren didn’t want to move away from his passion of designing, developing optimising and marketing websites in to a more business owner/managerial role.

After closing the website work was plentiful and came in purely through referrals and in a manageable amount allowing Darren to provide the individual attention to each client they deserved. Just as importantly it allowed him to continue to follow the growth of the web and web technologies and design and develop websites featuring the latest cutting edge techniques and features.

AdvanceYour.com is an expansion of ditto design with the flexibility to welcome a endless amount of clients by utilising a tightly knit community of International web, mobile, SEO, Marketing and App specialists with decades of experience between them.

Through this arrangement Darren remains hands on and works daily on the design and development of new websites and marketing but now with the capability to share the work load however large amongst the team, who critically require minimal management.

The specialised nature of all the individuals involved with AdvanceYour.com ensures that our clients get the most sophisticated and refined solutions for all the elements involved in designing and developing their website, the SEO and marketing strategy. This presents AdvanceYour.com with a distinct advantage over a traditional web agency in that we are not limited by our employees skill set, we don’t have large offices to maintain, or employees to keep busy or benefits and holidays etc. to build in to our prices.

The International nature of our team also allows us to work around the clock if you have a tight schedule.

Your business deserves the ultimate in cutting edge website design and development, take the first step and get in touch now below to get the ball rolling.

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