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Videos & Video Marketing

Video is massive online, YouTube is one of the most visited sites on the web with much of it’s content heavily shared elsewhere across the web. If you’d like to tap in to this huge opportunity to promote your business we can help. We have extensive experience in creating engaging videos for all types of businesses.

We can write scripts, hire actors, create dynamic and interesting visual effects, utilise professional musicians and professional editing to create a presentation you can be proud of and all for much less than you might expect. Technology and an International market allow us to keep costs low but standards high.

You’ll be surprised at what can be achieved, get in touch below now for more details.

Testimonials & Reviews

Social proof goes a long way towards encouraging prospective buyers to take the plunge. Testimonials and reviews could just tip that visitor in to a new customer or client. We can provide honest video reviews or testimonials of your products or services from genuine customers or clients.

Video Marketing

Syndication of your video is crucial to getting it seen, we can set up and market a YouTube channel, if you don’t have one already, pushing traffic to it and growing subscribers. There are also a number of other video sites that you may not be aware of that we can utilise to promote your company, Vimeo, DailyMotion, MetaCafe etc., and of course we will post your video to any Social Network accounts you may have, or create new ones.

For those with an active YouTube channel we can link this to your site to display all your videos on a dedicated page within your site. All future videos then added to your YouTube channel will also be automatically added to the video page on your site.

Video Website Effects

Video can also be utilised to enhance the message of your website as part of the overall design. In a very eye catching way it can subtly enhance your message and really draw your potential customer or client in. If you’re accessing this page via a desktop system visit the home page of our site for an example of this is action.

If you’d like to learn more about our video services please get in touch below now.

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