Mobile Websites

Mobile Websites

If your website is not optimised to work flawlessly for mobile and tablet you are missing out on traffic and potential customers or clients. You will also now get penalised by Google and not feature in Google’s mobile web index. A site that works across desktop, mobile and tablet, in all their differing formats, is now essential.

We create sites that are smart and will respond to the device that is being used to view them and dynamically adjust to match the required display dimensions seamlessly. e.g. smaller size images will be loaded if a user is using a mobile rather than a desktop, saving their mobile data and loading your site faster. This all happens behind the scenes invisibly to ensure a quick, pleasant and more engaging experience for your prospect.

There’s a lot to consider when developing for multiple devices, beyond image file sizes there are font sizes, a clear menu display, the shifting alignment of page elements, element substitution e.g. replace a video with an image, is a device in portrait or landscape orientation, is the entire site fully and easily accessible etc. etc. We take care of all of that under the hood and provide a flexible design you can be proud of which is viewable across any device you care to test it on. This maximises your exposure to potential customers and clients and enhances your professional reputation.

A quick loading site optimised for mobile will encourage your prospects to explore your site further. It will also see you score brownie points at Google and get you listed in their mobile index. A none optimised site will see a user click back to Google and Google register a ‘bounce’ that will count against your site ranking and of course again you will not be featured in the mobile index.

It’s time to future proof your website and tap in to the increasingly valuable revenue stream that the mobile web has to offer.

You can check if your current website is mobile friendly with this simple Google tool.

Google are now experimenting with basing their main desktop search results on their index of mobile sites. This further underlines the need to make your website mobile friendly. As the world moves even further towards mobile there is a very real danger that your website will not appear in the search results at all if it is not 100% mobile friendly. Learn more from Google directly.

Google utilities their mobile index in many different ways to present relevant data to users using Google apps on their mobile, such as Google Maps. Much of the time a mobile search is focused on finding a local business. If you’re business is reliant on local customers then not featuring in the mobile index could mean your local competitor gets your potential customer.

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