E-commerce is the fastest growing market in Europe. Sales in the major European countries are expected to grow +18.4% from 2014 to 2015 reaching £185.44B by the end of 2016. UK sales alone will hit £52.25B in 2015. US sales in 2014 amounted to £189.26B, forecasts are for a rise up to £245.96B by 2016. In 2017, we expect total e-commerce online sales to increase to £230.62 bn [€265.68 bn], a rise of 14.2%. Further growth of 13.8% in 2018 should mean that online sales reach £262.46 bn [€302.37 bn.1

Is your online shop benefiting from this huge spend? Or are you being outperformed by your competition?

There are lots of options when it comes to e-commerce, from a unique hand crafted site with a unique design and tailored functionality to an ‘out of the box’ solution for a monthly fee such as Shopify etc. There are also numerous free, long standing platforms, such as Zen Cart, Open Cart, Magento, osCommerce and many, many more. These offer a middle ground of flexibility, with a quick low cost entry, a broad range of design options, no monthly fees and full online administration.

Still further options come in the form of the blogging platform WordPress, which is now firmly established as the leading CMS (Content Management System), with strong support for e-commerce expansion via various plugin solutions such as Woocommerce, WP e-commerce, e-store etc.

WordPress is perhaps now the most flexible website platform available with thousands of plugin options available, from a very active community, offering an enormous range of extra functions that provide astonishing flexibility.

As you can likely gather from the few options mentioned above choosing the right platform for you and your particular goals and circumstances can be confusing. We can help, with experience of all of the above we can suggest the best platform for you based on your exact requirements and implement it fast.

Which ever solution we suggest you can be sure the site will be tailored exactly to your requirements with a unique professional design, full search engine optimisation, integration with any payment system you may choose or we recommend, Worldpay, Sage, Paypal etc. Automation in the form of automatic emails to the customer and you with each sale, various pricing options based on a variety of variables e.g. colour, size, style etc. all through an intuitive and easy to use online administration area for product, sales, user and account management.

Other functionality includes;

Mobile friendly
Unlimited products
At a glance sales analytics
Product reviews
Invisible ‘basket’ until it has content, keeping your site clean
Automatic email to customer and store owner per sale
PDF invoices for clients and store owner
Automatic emailing of recent customers with a product review request after a specified period
Related product suggestions
Social sharing
Accounts reporting
Search Engine Optimisation
Discount coupon system
Shipping calculator
Multiple shipping options
User management
Tax control
Modern and clean front and backend interface
User newsletter creation and management
Social Network promotional offers (ask for details)
and much more.

We can tailor your e-commerce shop to your exact requirements and make a few suggestions you may not have considered that will improve your sales, after all ‘it’s all about results’.

A streamlined, fast, intuitive and sales generating e-commerce store is our ultimate goal. Get in touch below now to discuss your e-commerce requirements.

1 http://www.retailresearch.org/onlineretailing.php

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